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Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Flickering (Solved)

Frigidaire Freezer Green Light Flickering

Frigidaire subsidiary of Electrolux, is a well-known American brand that produces consumer and commercial home appliances.

Frigidaire has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of quality products. Their reputation in the refrigerator industry is unmatched.

However, as with all electronics, Frigidaire is not resistant to errors, faults, and damages. One particular problem the consumer is bothered by is when the Frigidaire freezer’s green light keeps flickering.

The most common reason is during the initial appliance setup when the device is connected to a power source and continues to operate until the desired temperature is achieved.

Here are a few other reasons why your Frigidaire freezer’s green light is flickering:

  1. Blocked/Covered Vents due to items or ice build-up
  2. A broken/non-functional door seal
  3. Overloaded Freezer
  4. Faulty Power Supply
  5. Low or unstable Voltage
  6. Compressor Relay/Chip Failure

Now let’s dive into the solutions and quick, easy fixes!

Fix 1: Unblocking Fridge vents

If the Frigidaire freezer’s green light is continuously blinking, it indicates a problem in the system, which could be due to interrupted airflow resulting from blocked vents or fan malfunctioning.

The most common cause of vent blockage is over-icing, which can happen in humid summers, when fluids are spilled, or when the freezer door is opened too often.

As the ice accumulates, it gradually blocks the vents, and once they are entirely blocked, the green light starts flickering.

To address this issue, the freezer should be turned off, and the doors kept open until all the ice has melted.

It is essential to ensure the drain is not blocked and water can flow through the designated hole.

Afterward, the refrigerator should be cleaned using water, and the excess water should be mopped dry.

The refrigerator can then be turned on, and the doors kept closed until the temperature inside becomes cool. It is crucial not to set the thermostat to the maximum to avoid triggering ice build-up again.

Fix 2: Replacing Gasket/Door Seal

Did you know that your Frigidaire freezer’s door seals or gaskets are made of flexible plastic sheets that keep it airtight? Pretty cool, right?

These seals are crucial in maintaining the internal temperature and preventing air from leaking inside. If your door seals aren’t working correctly, the green light on your fridge might flicker, indicating that the door isn’t closing properly.

To keep your door seals in good shape, it’s best to avoid forcefully opening the door immediately after closing it. Give it a few minutes before attempting to reopen it.

Want to know if your door seals are working correctly? Simply close the door gently and then try to open it. If there’s resistance, then the seal is working correctly.

But if the door opens quickly with a finger pull or stays open, then it’s a sign that the seals might be damaged

Watch this video to learn how to replace the door gasket:

Fix 3: Unloading Freezer

As previously mentioned, the green light on your Frigidaire freezer will start to flicker if it’s not maintaining the optimal temperature. One common reason for this is when the fridge is filled with a large number of items at once.

The freezer may fail to lower the temperature of all the items, leading to the automatic shutdown of the compressor to prevent overheating and damage.

To avoid this, it’s best to avoid overloading the freezer with too many items. Instead, try to split the items into two batches, keeping half of them in the freezer and waiting for about eight hours before placing the remaining items inside.

This will help alleviate the compressor’s load, as the first batch of items will already be cooled.

Make sure not to cover the vents or fans in your Frigidaire freezer. If they’re covered, the green light may start flashing, indicating a problem with the system. Keeping them clear will help maintain the right temperature and prevent damage.

Fix 4: Replacing the Faulty Power Supply

A flickering green light on a Frigidaire freezer can often be related to power supply issues. It’s crucial to ensure that the power supply line is securely connected to the outlet and that both are functioning correctly.

In some cases, a worn-out power outlet or cable could be the sole reason for the flickering green light. A loose outlet may cause the freezer to repeatedly connect and disconnect from the power source, leading to the compressor turning off and on.

This can cause the freezer chipset to trip, assuming it’s a fault, and ultimately shutting off the compressor from minutes to hours.

A simple power cable or outlet replacement will solve your problem.

Fix 5: Regulating Volatge

If you are living in a remote area or experiencing heavy power grid loads, unstable voltage can be a common issue. Freezer compressors are designed to operate at a specific voltage, and any fluctuation beyond that can automatically trigger them to shut down.

If your main power board does not have a built-in voltage monitor, using a multimeter can help you determine if the voltage is unstable. Plug the multimeter into the power source and select the voltage to get a reading.

To solve the problem, it’s important to stabilize the voltage. This can be achieved by contacting your electricity provider or purchasing a voltage regulator that’s compatible with your refrigerator’s power rating (Watts).

Once you have the voltage regulator, plug it into a power outlet and then plug your fridge into the voltage regulator. This will help stabilize the voltage and prevent any further damage to your freezer.

Fix 6: Replacing Compressor Relay

The Compressor start relay is an essential component in the operation of a compressor, working alongside a single-phase asynchronous motor. Its primary function is to serve as a switch that activates and deactivates the attracting coil, which in turn controls the circuit.

When the compressor start relay is faulty, the compressor may not turn on properly, which can cause the green light to flicker.

It is common for compressor start relays to become faulty, and a burning smell can often indicate this problem. Fortunately, replacing the relay is a relatively simple process. Watch this video to guide you through the replacement process.

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