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Before And After Photos Worth Watching

  1. Blount’s Disease: A Life Transformed by Surgery

2. Pachuca’s Street Art: Before and After the Government’s Artistic Commission

3. Michigan Lighthouse: Before and After a Major Ice Storm

4. WWI Trenches: A Century Apart

5. Hong Kong: Then (1964) and Now

6. Mt. Rushmore: Before and After Its Iconic Carving

7. Boston’s Big Dig: Before and After the Highway Relocation

8. Machu Picchu: From Hidden Gem to Archaeological Wonder

9. The Acropolis of Athens: Evolution Through the Ages

10. Abraham Lincoln: The Toll of the Civil War

11. The Great Pyramid of Giza: From White Limestone to Timeless Wonder

12. One Times Square: Evolution from Newspaper HQ to Advertising Icon

13. The Same Dog: Before and After a Joyful Playdate

14. Baker Street Station: 161 Years of Underground History