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Dr. Abdul Basit is an accomplished medical professional with a deep passion for incorporating technology into the field of medical science. He graduated from Khyber Medical College in 2017 and is currently pursuing his specialization in ENT at King Edward Medical College.

Apart from his medical pursuits, Dr. Basit has a diverse range of interests. As a hobby, he enjoys fixing daily home electronics, showcasing his proficiency in troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. This unique combination of medical expertise and technical prowess allows him to bring a unique perspective to his work.

Dr. Basit's writing abilities have been recognized on various platforms. He has contributed as a writer on Top Cordless Tools, where he shares his knowledge and insights on the latest tools and equipment. His articles provide valuable guidance to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In addition to his technological interests, Dr. Basit has a keen fascination with entomology and invasive species. He launched a successful blog called "APB" (About Palmetto Bug) focusing on Cockroach prevention in homes and offices. His expertise in pest control and prevention has helped numerous individuals and organizations effectively deal with infestations.

Driven by his curiosity, Dr. Basit has also launched another website dedicated to Wolf Spiders. Through this platform, he aims to educate the public about these fascinating creatures and dispel common misconceptions surrounding them.

Dr. Abdul Basit's multidisciplinary approach and dedication to advancing medical science through technology make him a valuable asset in the field. His expertise in ENT, coupled with his diverse range of interests, allows him to contribute unique insights and solutions to the challenges faced in the medical and technological arenas.

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