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How to Reset Daikin Air Conditioner? [Quick Guide]

Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a prominent Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Osaka. Renowned for its leadership in the air conditioning industry, Daikin manufactures some of the world’s most advanced and largest air conditioning systems.

To reset a Daikin air conditioner, use a soft reset by holding the reset button on the unit or remote for minor issues. For more significant problems, perform a hard reset by turning off the breaker or unplugging it for 1 minute and resetting the thermostat for 30 minutes.

While Daikin is known for producing exceptionally durable air conditioning systems, occasional issues may arise, and many of these can be promptly resolved through a straightforward reset procedure.

Here are some common reasons why you might need to reset your Daikin Air Conditioner,

IssueDescriptionReset Procedure
1. Daikin Air Conditioner Fails to StartWhen your Daikin air conditioner refuses to start, potential culprits include power disruptions, thermostat malfunctions, or a clogged filter. Initially, attempt a reset if power is available.Initiate a reset; seek professional assistance if the issue persists.
2. Daikin Air Conditioner Post Power OutageFollowing a power outage, your Daikin air conditioner may remain inert due to an activated circuit breaker, resulting in a thermostat fault. A reset is recommended to reestablish normal operation.Reset to rectify thermostat issues induced by power outages.
3. Inconsistent Airflow from Daikin ACWhen your Daikin air conditioner exhibits erratic airflow patterns, it can disrupt comfort levels within your space. This issue might arise from blockages of air ducts or filters obstructions. Try a reset before investigating further.When your Daikin air conditioner exhibits erratic airflow patterns, it can disrupt comfort levels within your space. This issue might arise from blockages of air ducts or filter obstructions. Try a reset before investigating further.
4. Daikin Air Conditioner Struggles to Heat/CoolProblems such as obstructed filters, low refrigerant levels, or thermostat irregularities can impair the heating or cooling function. Consider a preliminary reset before diving into complex troubleshooting.Employ a reset to potentially address the issue before professional intervention.
5. Daikin Air Conditioner Spontaneously Shuts DownWhen the Daikin air conditioner’s operation light blinks, it typically indicates a dust-clogged filter. Initially, clean the filter to address the concern. If blinking persists, resort to a reset for resolution.Conduct a reset and inspect further for issues like thermostat faults, power irregularities, or component problems.
6. Daikin Air Conditioner Indicator Lights FlashClean the dust filter and utilize a reset to halt the persistent blinking of the operation light.If you encounter difficulties pairing or syncing your Daikin air conditioner remote control with the unit, it can impede your ability to remotely control the AC’s functions. A reset of the remote or re-establishing the connection may be required.
7. Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Pairing IssueGiven that the thermostat is the mastermind behind temperature control, its malfunction can disrupt the air conditioner’s operation. A simple thermostat reset can often restore normalcy by returning it to its default settings.Attempt a remote control reset or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for re-establishing the pairing or synchronization with the AC unit
8. Error Codes on Your Daikin Air ConditionerWhen confronted with cryptic error codes on your Daikin air conditioner, commencing with a reset can often prove effective in eradicating these codes. Disconnect the unit from power or employ the remote control for a reset.Execute a reset to eliminate ambiguous error codes if they remain unresolved.
9. Thermostat DysfunctionUnusual sounds emanating from your Daikin AC can often be alleviated by disconnecting the unit from power. This pertains to any peculiar noises that occur while cleaning the air filter.Restore the thermostat to its factory settings through a reset to potentially remedy malfunctions.
10. Timer AnomaliesThe timer functionality in your AC can also be subject to resets. Typically, this can be achieved by toggling the timer on and off as required.Employ the timer’s on/off toggling feature for resetting timer functions.
11. Unresponsive Daikin Air Conditioner RemoteWhen the Daikin air conditioner remote fails to respond, inspect the batteries. If they are depleted or improperly inserted, replace or reposition them. Should the remote still exhibit issues, employ the remote’s on/off switch for a reset.Replace batteries and employ the on/off switch on the remote control for resetting, if needed.
12. Unusual Noises from Daikin ACUnusual sounds emanating from your Daikin AC can often be alleviated by disconnecting the unit from power. This pertains to any peculiar noises, including those that occur while cleaning the air filter.Resolve strange noises, including those encountered during filter cleaning, by unplugging the AC unit.

Here is a quick summary of how to Reset the Daikin Air Conditioner,

Reset TechniqueBest UseHow to Reset
1. Complete Power ResetIdeal for power outage recovery and surges.Start by turning off the thermostat and the AC circuit breaker for a thorough AC reset. Wait for 60 seconds, then extend the wait by an additional 30 minutes for system stability. Finally, turn the thermostat back on, selecting ‘Cool Mode’ or your preferred temperature setting to restart your air conditioner.
2. ‘Reset Button’ MethodEffective for troubleshooting cooling issues and noises.Locate the reset button on your AC unit. Gently press it to trigger a 30-minute self-diagnostic mode.
3. Remote Control ResetRecommended for unresponsive remotes and error codes.Find the remote’s on/off switch. Press and hold for 2 seconds. Press it once more to restart the AC.
4. Thermostat Factory ResetUseful for thermostat issues.Perform a factory reset based on your thermostat model (ENVI or One+). Follow specific instructions for your thermostat type.
5. Timer ResetHandy for timer malfunctions.Use your AC remote’s Off-Timer and On-Timer buttons to set and reset timer settings.
6. Green Light ResetStops green light flashing due to a dirty dust box.Hold the LED reset switch (filter reset button) for about 2 seconds. Release it to check if the green warning light turns off, indicating a successful reset.
7. Fault Code ResetTo address issues indicated by error codes. Refer to your Daikin AC manual to identify the error code. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to perform a reset or clear the error code.
8. Fan Speed ResetWhen you need to adjust the fan speed settings.Access the fan speed control on your Daikin AC remote. Select the desired fan speed setting or reset to default settings as your preference.

Resetting Daikin Air Conditioner [Explained]

Now that I’ve provided a brief overview of how to reset a Daikin air conditioner in various situations let’s delve into a concise explanation

1. Complete Power Reset (Hard Reset)

The ‘Complete Power Reset’ is a technique for Daikin air conditioners used to resolve power-related issues caused by outages and surges. It helps restore normal operation.

Here’s how to do it,

  1. Turn Off the Thermostat: Begin by turning off your thermostat. This will ensure that the air conditioner doesn’t immediately attempt to restart when the power is restored, allowing for a more thorough reset.
  2. AC Circuit Breaker: Locate the circuit breaker or switch on the electrical panel that controls your air conditioner. Turn it off to cut off power to the AC unit. This step is crucial for a complete reset.
  3. Wait for 60 Seconds: After turning off the thermostat and the circuit breaker, wait for 60 seconds. This brief pause allows any residual electrical charge to dissipate from the system.
  4. Extend Wait Time: To ensure system stability and prevent potential issues, extend the wait time by 30 minutes. This longer waiting period ensures that the AC unit is entirely reset and ready to operate smoothly.
  5. Turn the Thermostat Back On: After the extended wait period, turn the thermostat back on. Select ‘Cool Mode’ or your preferred temperature setting to restart your air conditioner. This step initializes the AC’s cooling operation.

2. Reset Button Method

Indoor units on Daikin AC have a reset button that helps reset the AC during cooling issues and noises.

Here is how to do it,

1. Find the Reset Button: Look for a small ” Reset ” button on your AC unit. It’s often near the control panel inside your home or on the outdoor unit. If you can’t find it, check your user manual for help.

2. Safety First: Before doing anything, make sure your AC is turned off and, if possible, unplugged. Safety is important!

3. Push the Reset Button: Gently press the reset button. You might need a small tool like a pen or paperclip to reach it. When you press it, your AC will start a 30-minute self-checkup.

4. Wait for the Self-Check: Your AC will spend 30 minutes checking itself inside. It’s like a doctor giving your AC a checkup.

5. Watch the Lights: Some ACs have lights that blink or change colours while checking. Keep an eye on these lights as they can show if there’s a problem.

6. Check for Error Codes: If your AC finds a problem, it might show a code on the control panel or using the lights. Your user manual can help you understand these codes and determine what’s wrong.

7. Fix Minor Issues: Sometimes, your AC can fix small problems by itself during the 30-minute check. But for bigger issues, follow the instructions in your user manual or call a professional HVAC technician.

8. Turn It Back On: After 30 minutes, you can turn your AC back on. Keep an eye on how it works. If the problem sticks around or worsens, it’s smart to call an HVAC expert for more help.

3. Remote Control Reset

This method is best for fixing unresponsive remotes or when you see error codes on your AC.

Here is how to do it,

  1. Locate the Remote’s On/Off Switch: Find the switch on your remote control that turns it on and off. It’s usually a small button.
  2. Press and Hold for 2 Seconds: Hold this button for about 2 seconds. This action is like giving a command to the remote.
  3. Press It Once More: After holding for 2 seconds, press the same button again, but this time, just a quick press. This will instruct the remote to send a signal to restart your AC.

4. Thermostat Factory Reset

This method is helpful when you’re experiencing problems with your thermostat and just want to reset it.

Here is how to do it,

Initially, it is imperative to identify your thermostat model, as there are two possible models: ENVI or One+. This distinction is crucial because the reset procedure may vary depending on your model.

ENVI Thermostat Reset

  1. Navigate to the home screen of your AC and select “Menu.”
  2. Choose “Settings,” followed by “Reset.”
  3. Confirm “Reset” to initiate the thermostat reset.
  4. Optionally, conduct a comprehensive reset by selecting “Reset Registration,” “Preferences & Schedule,” and HVAC settings, then opt for “All Settings.”

One+ Thermostat Reset

  1. On your AC’s touchscreen, tap the menu icon.
  2. Select “Settings” and proceed to “Configuration.”
  3. Press “Reset” to initiate the AC reset.
  4. Allow the AC to complete the reset process.

5. Timer Reset

This method is particularly useful when encountering issues with your AC’s timer function.

Here is how to do it,

  1. Access Your AC Remote: Begin by locating and using your AC’s remote control. It’s the device that lets you adjust your AC settings from a distance.
  2. Find the Off-Timer and On-Timer Buttons: On your AC remote, look for buttons labeled “Off-Timer” and “On-Timer.” These buttons are specifically designed to set and reset timer settings.
  3. Resetting the Timer:
    • To reset the timer, simultaneously press the “Off-Timer” and “On-Timer” buttons or as directed in your AC’s user manual.
    • Hold these buttons down for a few seconds until you see the timer settings reset or disappear from the display.
  4. Confirm the Reset: Check the display on your AC remote to ensure the timer settings have been reset. They should no longer be active, and your AC should operate without any timer-related restrictions.

6. Green Light Reset

This method is particularly useful if you’re encountering a situation where the green light on your Daikin Air Conditioner is flashing, likely due to a dirty or full dust box.

Here is how to do it,

  1. Look for a button on your Daikin Air Conditioner labeled “LED reset” or “filter reset.” It usually has an icon or label indicating it’s for resetting.
  2. Press and hold this button for about 2 seconds. The exact time may vary depending on your Daikin model, so follow the manual’s recommendation.
  3. After holding it for the required time, let go of the button.
  4. Look at the green warning light on your air conditioner. If the reset is successful, the green light will turn off. This means the air conditioner recognized the reset and cleared the dust box warning.

7. Fault Code Reset

Think of a “Fault Code Reset” as a way to fix problems with your Daikin Air Conditioner when it’s showing an error code. When your air conditioner has a problem, it often shows a special code on its display to tell you what’s wrong.

For more codes click here!

Here is how to do it,

  1. Turn off the air conditioner using the remote or the power button.
  2. Unplug the air conditioner from the wall socket and leave it unplugged for at least a minute.
  3. Plug it back in and turn it on.
  4. Watch the display for the error code. If it’s gone, great! If not, there may be a bigger problem that needs professional help.

8. Fan Speed Reset

The best use of the Fan Speed Reset is when you want to customize the fan speed settings on your Daikin Air Conditioner to suit your comfort preferences or specific cooling needs. You might want a higher fan speed for quicker cooling or a lower speed for quieter operation.

Here is how to do it,

  1. Use your Daikin AC remote control.
  2. Find the button that says “Fan Speed” or something similar. It may have symbols for different speeds (low, medium, and high) or an “auto” mode.
  3. Choose your desired fan speed by pressing the corresponding button. You can pick low, medium, or high or let the AC adjust it automatically in “auto” mode.
  4. Optionally, you can reset the fan speed to its default settings using an option on the remote if you’ve made custom changes and want to return to the standard settings.

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