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20 Famous Landmarks Seen from a rare angle that will change your perspective

Have you ever wondered what famous historical landmarks look like from angles you’ve never seen before? Most of us are familiar with the iconic views of these sites, captured in countless photographs and travel brochures.

But there’s so much more to these landmarks than meets the eye. In this post, we invite you to explore the hidden perspectives and alternative angles of some of the world’s most renowned historical sites.

1. The Great Pyramid from above

Experience the awe-inspiring view of the Great Pyramid from above, revealing its precise geometric grandeur like never before.

2. Underneath the Eiffel Tower

Discover the intricate ironwork and architectural marvels hidden beneath the Eiffel Tower, offering a unique perspective on this iconic structure.

3. Looking down on the Statue of Liberty

Gaze down on the Statue of Liberty from above, capturing her majestic stance and the vastness of her surroundings in a single breathtaking view.

4. View from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Take in the stunning panorama from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where the unique tilt offers a one-of-a-kind perspective of the city below.


5. View from the top of Mt Rushmore

Marvel at the sweeping landscape from the top of Mt. Rushmore, where the grandeur of the surrounding Black Hills complements the iconic carvings.

6. Looking down on the Sydney Opera House

Look down on the Sydney Opera House to admire its stunning architectural design and its dramatic setting against the sparkling harbor.

7. Great Sphinx from behind shows its tail

Witness the Great Sphinx from behind, revealing its lesser-known tail and offering a fresh perspective on this ancient wonder.

8. The back of the iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign

The back of the iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign features the heartfelt message, “Drive Carefully, Come Back Soon,” offering a warm farewell to departing visitors.

9. The back of the Mona Lisa

Peer behind the Mona Lisa to discover its unassuming dull brown wooden back, adorned with the cryptic markings “29” and “H,” alongside a solitary signature, offering a glimpse into the artwork’s hidden history and mystery.

10. The back of Mt. Rushmore… Dick Nixon?

Explore the lesser-known back of Mt. Rushmore, where the surprising inclusion of President Richard Nixon’s name raises questions and adds an intriguing layer to the monument’s storied past.

11. Inside of the Colosseum, Rome

Step inside the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, to experience the ancient arena’s architectural marvels and imagine the echoes of its storied past reverberating through its labyrinthine corridors.

13. All three Pyramids Arranged in a line

Behold the three Pyramids of Giza arranged in a majestic line, standing as a testament to ancient Egyptian ingenuity and the enduring allure of their geometric precision against the desert horizon.

14. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona from inside

Experience the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona from inside, without the roof, gazing at the sky as the intricate columns and ethereal light create a breathtaking connection between earth and heavens.

15. Golden Gate Bridge from the Sky

Witness the Golden Gate Bridge from an airplane, where its iconic orange spans stretch gracefully across the San Francisco Bay, offering a breathtaking aerial perspective of this engineering marvel.

16. Backside of Holly Wood Sign

Explore the back of the Hollywood Sign, where only the letters “H” and “O” are visible, offering a curious glimpse into the iconic landmark’s hidden side and sparking intrigue about its storied history.

17. Stonehenge from Above

Gain a new perspective on Stonehenge from above, revealing the ancient monument’s circular arrangement of standing stones and its mystical connection to the surrounding landscape.

18. The Acropolis from above

View the Acropolis from above, where the ancient ruins of temples and structures stand prominently against the backdrop of modern Athens, highlighting the enduring legacy of Greek civilization.

18. The Empire State Building from above close-up

Get an up-close aerial view of the Empire State Building from above, highlighting its iconic spire and the intricate details of its Art Deco design against the bustling cityscape below.

20. Inside of Taj Mahal

Venture to the lesser-seen side of the Taj Mahal, where its majestic symmetry and intricate marble craftsmanship unfold in a serene setting away from the iconic front view, offering a fresh perspective on this architectural wonder.

We hope you enjoyed this series, discovering hidden and unique perspectives of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Stay tuned for more fascinating insights and fresh angles on iconic sites around the globe.