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Photoshop Brush Outline Disappeared [Solved]

Photoshop Brush Outline Disappeared

The brush outline in photoshop helps with viewing the size of the brushing area at a glance. It’s a live preview of how big the stroke will be. It’s a MUST-HAVE feature.

I even do not understand why there is a feature to toggle it 🙁

How it usually works? Below is the image of a brush tool with and without an outline around it.

Error Explained: Sometimes, the outline will disappear, and you won’t be able to fix it, even if you try all possible methods.

Usual FIX: The usual fix for this problem is toggling between CAPS LOCK On/Off. You can also adjust your cursor settings in preferences to fix this problem.

Hidden Culprits Causing The Error of “Brush Tool Outline Disappeared”

Here are a few methods you can try and look for, which can be a possible reason for your brush tool outline disappearing.

1. CAPS LOCK is “On” in Attached Additional Keyboard

Caps Lock is turned on on other keyboards is one of the most highlighted reasons for someone getting to see their brush tool outline disappearing in photoshop.

Make sure you don’t have any additional keyboard attached to your PC, wired or with BlueTooth.

We often work with a screen attached to our laptop while the laptop is kept under or adjacent to the screen. The caps lock is not “turned on” on the main keyboard we are using but is ‘turned on’ on the laptop’s built-in keyboard.

So to bring back the outline of your brush tool, you must disconnect the additional keyboard, restart your application, and your problem will be gone.

2. Attached Dock is Creating a Problem

I have seen a few users with the same issue caused by a dock attached to their mac or pc.

I am not sure why a dock will create such a problem, but removing the dock can fix your problem of brush outline disappearing in photoshop.

3. Old Revision of Photoshop

This is unlikely, but an older or newer version of photoshop can be the reason for having an error of outline disappearing for your brush tool.

Just update or downgrade your photoshop version to see if that fixes your problem.

4. Cursor Settings in Preferences

The cursor settings in your preferences can be a reason for disappearing edges on your brush tool. Although, it is very unlikely as these settings do not change on their own.

So, go to Preferences > Cursors and check Normal Brush. Also, uncheck all other settings.

These are the most logical things you can do to fix this problem, and I am sure one of them will work for you.

I hope this article helps you, peace.

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