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MT-Link Router Login Admin Password: Change Wifi Password

MT-Link Router Login Admin Password: Change Wifi Password

Typically, all routers have a default wifi name and password written on the back of your router.

There are cases when you need to log in to your MT-Link Router Admin portal to change your wifi password or admin credentials.

When logging into your MT-Link Router, a few typical steps are required, almost the same for all routers.

Let’s discuss them one by one so you can access your router’s admin portal to make any changes.

Before you can log in to the MT-Link Router admin portal, your device, which you will use to access the admin portal, must be connected to the wifi connection being broadcasted by the router.

You DO NOT need an active internet connection to access the portal.

You can use any of the following devices to access the portal:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Laptop
  3. PC
  4. Tablet

You will also need a browser. Any default browser will work. Once inside your browser, you need the following two items to access your MT-Link Router admin portal.

  1. IP Address to access the portal
  2. Default Password

Access the Admin Portal of MT-Link:

Here are four easy steps to log in to your admin portal:

Step 1: Connect to the Router’s Wi-Fi Network

Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network being broadcasted by the MT-Link router. Connecting your device to the router’s Wi-Fi network establishes a direct communication link between your device and the router.

Steps to access MT-Link Wifi Router. Connect to wifi.

This enables you to access the router’s admin portal and make necessary configuration changes. If you are not connected, you won’t be able to get access to the admin portal.

You can also use an Ethernet Cable to connect to your MT-Link Router, but that may need some configuration, and most devices nowadays do not have Ethernet ports.

If you are setting up a new MT-Link router or connecting with it after resetting it, you can access its Wi-Fi Name and Password written on the back of the router. The Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password are required to authenticate and connect your device securely to the router’s network.

Open any web browser on the device that is connected to the MT-Link router’s Wi-Fi network. Web browsers provide a user-friendly interface for accessing websites and web-based applications.

Steps to access MT-Link Wifi Router. Open Browser.

Opening a web browser allows you to access the router’s admin portal, which is typically accessed through a web-based interface.

You DO NOT need an active internet connection to access the MT-Link Portal.

Launch the web browser application. It is the primary tool you will use to access and navigate the MT-Link Router Admin Portal. It’s more like a tool to access the database established inside the router.

Step 3: Access the Router’s Portal with its IP Address

Type the MT-Link router’s IP address in your web browser’s URL bar. The IP address uniquely identifies the MT-Link router on the network.

Steps to access MT-Link Wifi Router. Enter IP Address.

By typing the router’s IP address in the URL bar, you specify the destination for your web browser to establish a connection. This connection enables you to access the admin portal hosted by the router.

The IP Address is

Try if this does not work. Routers are typically assigned a default IP address that allows users to access their admin portals.

Step 4: Enter the Router’s Admin Password

Enter the password in the small dialogue box that appears. The admin password is a security measure implemented to prevent unauthorized access to the router’s settings.

Steps to access MT-Link Wifi Router. Enter password.

The password is “admin”. Make sure it’s all lowercase letters.

If this password does not work, you must reset your MT-Link router, as someone else might have changed it.

By entering the correct admin password, you authenticate yourself as an authorized user with administrative privileges. This step ensures that only authorized individuals can make changes to the router’s configuration.

Find the reset button on your MT-Link router. It is usually a small, recessed button located on the back or bottom of the device. The button may be labeled as “Reset” or represented by a small hole.

Step 2: Prepare for Reset

With the MT-Link router powered on, press and hold down the reset button with a paperclip or a similar pointed object. Hold it for about 10-15 seconds.

How to reset MT-Link Wifi Router.

Step 3: Power Cycle the Router

While holding down the reset button, unplug the power cable from the router. Keep the reset button pressed for 10-15 seconds while the router is unplugged.

Step 4: Access Default Settings

Once the MT-Link router has finished resetting, it will return to its default factory settings.

You can now access the router’s admin portal using the default login credentials provided by the manufacturer.

These default credentials are typically printed on the router itself or included in the router’s documentation.

It’s important to note that performing a router reset will erase all customized settings, including Wi-Fi passwords, port forwarding configurations, and any other changes you made to the router’s settings.

After the reset, you’ll need to reconfigure the router according to your preferences.

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Now since just like you, everyone else also knows the default password for the MT-Link wifi router.

They can change the wifi name, can change the password, can even change the admin pass, or even secretly shadow banning you, making you think your connection is not working.

It’s better to change the default admin pass to avoid all this. You don’t need something too hard to remember, as it’s almost impossible to access the router admin portal without connecting with it.

To change the password, you need to do the following:

  1. Login to the admin portal with the default IP and default password “admin”.
  2. Now go to the Administeration setting.
  3. The first dialogue box on the top will be to change the password.
  4. Enter your existing default pass and the new password to change it.
  5. Log out and Login to confirm the change.

In case you forget your admin password, you can always reset your device by following the steps mentioned above.

Most of the time, the purpose of accessing the admin portal is to change the wifi name and password.

Here are easy steps to follow in case you want to change your MT-Link Wifi Name and Password.

Change MT-Link Wifi Name and Password.
  1. Login to the admin portal with IP Address and default password “admin”.
  2. Once you are in, click Wireless Settings on the left side menu.
  3. Now in the Wifi Name and Password section, write down the new name of the Wifi. Make sure you don’t keep it FBI-VAN to scare your neighbors.
  4. Write the new password for the wifi address. Avoid using common wifi passwords like 12345678, as they are easy to guess.
  5. Make sure the security mode is WPA/WPA2-PSK Mixed.
  6. Keep WPS Disabled to avoid unwanted people connecting to your wifi.
  7. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Changing the wifi name and password will disconnect all devices and will need to be reconnected.

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