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GE Microwave Display Flickering [Solved 2023]

GE Microwave Display Flickering

Interestingly, GE has produced some of the finest microwaves out there. They are reliable, efficient, and modern.

Unfortunately, the more sophisticated versions of GE microwave report issues with the display panel. They start flickering, and the microwave stops working, and the timer clock is disturbed.

Here are the reasons why your GE Microwave’s display may be flickering,

  • Blown-out microwave fuse (Most common cause)
  • Loose Elastomeric connector (PCB plastic strip)
  • Worn printed circuit lining.
  • Damaged LCD Display or loose connection to the board
  • Shortcircuiting due to water or humidity
  • Lose Power supply Cable (Rarely)

Now that we know what may cause the GE microwave display to flicker, let’s fix them.

It is essential to know that repairing your GE Microwave screen flicker might not be accessible unless you have experience repairing electronics. Moreover, it needs proper tools and can be an electrical hazard. Therefore, taking your microwave oven to an expert repairman might be a good option. Moreover, if your microwave comes with a warranty, go for it.

Fix 1: Replacing Blown out electric Fuse

Here are easy steps to replace blown out the electric fuse and fix the display flickering,

  1. Before replacing the fuse, unplug the microwave and discharge the capacitors by pressing the power button a few times.
  2. Check your microwave’s model and ensure where the fuse is located. It is either behind the control panel or the vent grille; if it is located behind the vent grille, remove the grille or control panel to access the fuse.
  3. If you cannot access the fuse, Uninstall the appliance by removing screws from the microwave’s top and slowly lifting off the mounting bracket.
  4. Next, remove the outer cover to reach the internal components. Use the PCB diagram to locate the fuse because it may be located anywhere i.e., on top, side, or behind the vent grille.
  5. Once you find the burnt fuse, use a multimeter to confirm it.
  6. Lose the fasteners to free the fuse from the microwave and replace it with a new one.
  7. Test the display before reassembling the covers and panels.

Fix 2: Securing Loose Elastomeric connector

Elastomeric connectors consist of alternating conductive and insulating regions and other uses used to connect thin and fragile glass LCDs)to circuit boards in electronic devices.

A loose elastomeric connector might be causing your GE Microwave display to flicker. To fix this, all you need is to uncover the microwave, remove the PCB panel and appropriately reinstall the connector.

Sometimes cleaning the connector ends with alcohol helps clean any dirt causing a loose or bad connection.

Fix 3: Repairing worn printed circuit lining

Worn-out printed electric lining on a circuit board might cause Your GE Microwave to flicker. This is because the worn-out circuits cause no electricity transfer. The cause of worn out might be rust, water damage, or short-circuit burn.

To repair worn-out lining, you must first identify the track using a multimeter. Next, repair it with a jumper wire (as shown in the picture), and your flickering problem will solve.

Fix 4: Replacing the Damaged LCD Display or securing a loose connection to the board

Sometimes a damaged LCD is the only cause of flicker. A broken LCD screen creates a flicker that is impossible to salvage. All you need to do is replace the broken LCD panel with a new one. You will easily find it in an electric component store.

If your LCD screen has a torn connector wire, this will also cause the GE Microwave display to flicker. All you need to do is solder it in place with a soldering iron.

Fix 5: Drying PCB

GE Ovens are not waterproof. Therefore, spilling water, coffee, or any drink over the Microwave oven might damage the circuit board or electronics inside. Moreover, liquid oven cleaners, when used recklessly, also cause damage to internal components.

If you have spilled liquid over the oven, immediately unplug the microwave oven, mope the top dry with a piece of clothing and wait for a few hours to let the liquid dry.

If you have spilled a lot of liquid, remove the oven cover and dry it with a hair dryer before turning it on.

Fix 6: Securing Power Supply

A loose or damaged power cable or a switchboard may be the only cause of flickering. The power cable must be connected securely and should be undamaged.

Moreover, the switchboard should also be well-fitted, and the plug should adequately stay in place. If the plug is loosely fitted, it will cause your oven to start over and again, causing your display to flicker.

You can solve the problem by either changing the switchboard or the power plug or using an extension to solve the problem.

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