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3 Best Webcam Covers for Laptops & MacBook

Keeping your webcams covered is highly recommended in this era of constant digitization. It prevents cybercriminals from using webcams to access your personal information, ensuring improved internet security.

Although there are different ways of improving webcam privacy, one of the easiest is to use webcam covers. Hence in this article, we will go through 3 types of webcam covers differing mainly based on their attachment mechanism & help you figure out the best one for your device.

List of the Best Webcam Covers

Here’s a list of the 3 Best Webcam Covers currently available in the market:

  1. Yilador Webcam Covers
  2. Eyebloc Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers
  3. Eyebloc Webcam Covers for MacBook Models

1. Yilador Webcam Covers

Say goodbye to all your concerns regarding the vulnerabilities of exposed webcams with Yilador’s webcam covers. They come with a 3M adhesive—strong enough to keep your cover firmly in place yet easily removable without damaging the device or leaving any marks on the lens.

Yilador Webcam Covers

They come in a pack of three and offer an ultra-slim design (0.8 mm) hence suitable for even the thinnest MacBooks. We tested it on Macbook Pro 2021 (14″), which perfectly served its purpose without interfering with the closing mechanism.

Yilador Webcam Covers

It is even compatible with 13-inch MacBook models and all the mainstream laptop brands such as Chromebook, Acer, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.

Moreover, they offer easy installation: clean the webcam surface, take off the adhesive and stick the cover to the webcam. Make sure to press firmly for a few seconds to achieve a strong seal.

Editor's Choice
Yilador Webcam Covers (Pack for 3)
  • Subtle & sleek design
  • Quick installation
  • Premium privacy protection
  • Optimal 3M adhesive

With their subtle design and convenient usage, Yilador Webcam Covers check all the necessary boxes. As a result, they are one of the most functional & reliable webcam covers featuring supreme protection & ultimate computer privacy.

2. Eyebloc Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers

Using Eyebloc Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers is another excellent way of protecting your digital life and taking control of your privacy. They come in a pack of 7 reusable camera covers, out of which 3 are bar-shaped while 4 are dot-shaped covers.

Eyebloc Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers

Especially if you are somebody like me, who gets irritated by the residue or gunk left on their device due to the adhesives, pat on your shoulder because you have found the right option. Eyebloc’s Universal Webcam Covers are armed with nano-suction cups that keep them attached to the webcams—no use of adhesives or tapes at all hence no gunk.

Webcam Covers

Plus, they are ideal for long-term use as they can be stuck and removed repeatedly, making them highly reusable, thanks to their nano-suction material once again. Just rinse them with water whenever they get dirty and it’ll ultimately restore their original stickiness.

7 Piece Set
Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers - 7 Pieces
  • Nano Suction Technology
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Safe Screen Closure

Furthermore, they offer a sleek minimal design and allow complete laptop disclosure without getting in the way. As regards compatibility, they are suitable to be used with almost all devices, including iPads, MacBooks, phones, and almost all other smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

3. Eyebloc Webcam Covers for MacBook Models

For your ultimate peace of mind & to secure webcam privacy, particularly on MacBooks, here come the Eyebloc Webcam Covers. They come with magnetic attachments that stick firmly to the screen’s integrated magnets without falling off.

Eyebloc Webcam Covers for MacBook Models

What impresses me the most is their super slim design, even outscoring their Yilador and Eyebloc’s Nanobloc counterparts, featuring a width of just 0.12 mm—that’s insane!

These patented webcam covers are compatible with all the MacBook and MacBook Pro models and stay on while the lid is closed.

Eyebloc Webcam Covers for MacBook Models

For further users’ convenience, they offer quick installation and easy detachment, just like the Nanobloc covers. You must properly clean your camera before placing it to avoid scratches on your screen, and you are good to go.

For Apple Laptops
Eyebloc Webcam Cover for MacBook
  • For all MacBook models
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Easy Slide Technology
  • Ultra-thin design

Slide with your finger to expose or cover your camera. No extra hassle to remove the adhesive residue from your screen ’cause it won’t be there in the first place. No wonder it is ranked among the most functional webcam covers!

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