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Photoshop Replace Color Greyed Out [Solved]

Photoshop Replace Color Greyed Out

When you are new to photoshop, minor issues like the “Replace Color” option being greyed out in the adjustment menu can be annoying.

No worries; there are a few simple fixes for this problem.

How it usually works? In photoshop, you select a layer, then go to Image > Adjustment > Replace Color, and voila, you can change the colors on demand.

Error Explained: The “Replace Color” option is greyed out, which means you can’t select it anymore.

Other forms of this same error: Other forms of this same error can have the Adjustment option being greyed out entirely.

Error Screenshot:

How to Fix Greyed Out Replace Color Option in Photoshop?

If you are getting this error, it can be due to the following reasons.

  1. You have selected a Text Layer.
  2. You have selected a layer that is Locked.
  3. You have selected a layer that is a Smart Object.

1. Selected Layer is a Text Layer

In case you have selected a text layer, then you need to select the appropriate layer you want to make Adjustments, like “Replace Color.”

You can also make changes to the text layer by double-clicking the text layer, and you will be presented with the following adjustment panel to change color, font, size, etc.

If you select the appropriate layer, the greyed-out “Replace Color” option will be visible again.

2. Selected Layer is Locked

So if you the selected layer is locked, you will not be able to select Replace Color option in adjustments. In fact, you will not even be able to select the Adjustment option in the Image menu.

So make sure to unlock the selected layer before you can see the Replace Color option in the Adjustment menu.

3. Selected Layer is a Smart Object

The last reason you can not select the “Replace Color” option in the Adjustment Menu is your selected layer has a Smart Object.

There are two methods to can handle the Smart Object layer.

A. Make changes inside the Smart Object

The first recommended method to “Replace Color” in the smart object layer is by double-clicking the smart object layer and going inside the Smart object sub-photoshop file.

Once you double-click the Smart Object layer, a new window inside your photoshop will appear where you can make changes to the object.

B. Restarise the Smart Object

Another method to make Adjustments like “Replace Color” to a Smart Object is by rasterizing it.

To rasterize the layer, right-click on the layer and select “Rasterize Layer” from the menu.

After you rasterize it, you can Replace Color in the selected layer.


So, in the end, it’s mainly due to the wrong selection of layers you are getting this error. I hope this article helps you. Peace.

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