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LG Monitor not Turning ON [Quick Fix]

LG Monitor not Turning ON

LG produces some of the finest monitors out there! But as with all electronics, LG monitors do fail. However, in most cases, when your LG monitor is not turning on, the issue is trivial and so can be solved quickly.

However, when your monitor’s screen is not turning on, some causes might cost you a lot of bucks to repair, or you might even have to give up and buy a new one.

Here are the most common reasons your LG monitor is not turning on!

Power Cable Damage Over twistingReplacing with a new one
Power port DamageFrequent Insertion RemovalPort Repair
Power Button problemForceful Pressing Reinforcing
Display Panel failure/DamageShort Circuit/Physical DamageInstalling a New Display Panel
Power IC failureHumidity/WaterChanging IC
Inverter board issuesNon-Sync PowerChanging Inverter
Graphics card issuesDamage/Failure Taking it to a Lab
Display driver issuesOutdated/Corrupted DriversReinstalling/Updating Drivers
Damaged display cablesOvert Twisting/ Frequent Buying a new one/Using another display port
most common reasons your monitor is not turning on, along with solutions

Without wasting any time, let’s start with the fixes one by one,

Fix 1: Replacing Power Cable

Power cables are usually robust and do not damage easily. However, over-twisting or stretching them can cause internal damage to the cable.

A broken power cable will fail to provide power to your LG monitor, and the display will never turn on, no matter how hard you try.

Call or contact LG to get a replacement power cable and see if replacing the LG Power Cable fixes the issue. In most cases, this is the sole reason for monitors not turning on.

Fix 2: Port Repair

If Your monitor turns off and on instantaneously, your power port might be damaged. This is because repeated insertion and removal of the power cables might damage the pins inside the power port.

Look for visible signs like plastic flakes or damaged pins to know if the port is damaged. In such a case, you must take your monitor to a repair lab to change the power port.

Fix 3: Reinforcing Power Button

Many times a loose power button causes your monitor not to turn on. The loose power button is mainly caused by repeated or forceful button pressing.

Many monitors have a built-in soft touch button, but we don’t recognize it and press them with force. This cause the button to loosen over time, so the power button doesn’t function properly. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it fails.

A flickering power button light indicates your power button is not working correctly. To fix this, you need to disassemble the monitor, remove the IC board and look for a loose connection between the power button and the circuit board.

Solder the loose connections of the power button with the soldering iron and solder wire carefully. This will reinforce the button, and your monitor should start working perfectly.

Fix 4: Installing a New Display Panel

Newer monitors are very sophisticated; some use crystal displays, while others are LED monitors. They are very fragile and prone to easy damage. Sometimes you can’t even see a visible crack or sign of damage.

A small blow can destroy the whole monitor, and you will end up with a dead monitor. These monitors usually flicker or end up with a dark grey screen.

Unfortunately, replacing the Display panel is the only solution to this problem. Usually, it costs a lot of money (sometimes more than the original price of the monitor), is complex, and requires expertise.

Therefore, before taking your monitor to a repair lab, look for the display panel’s price and compare it with new monitors. If it is cost-effective, go for it, or else, buy a new one.

Fix 5: Replacing Power IC

A power IC is a bridge between the power source and the other components of your PC Board. It helps distributes ideal electric current to different components like LEDs, Liquid crystals, and capacitors.

If it does not work correctly or is damaged, the LG Monitor will fail to receive power and will not turn on.

The most common cause of Power IC failure is humidity or damage through water spills or splashes. The water acts as a conductor of electricity and burns the power IC immediately on contact.

An experienced technician can easily replace the power IC, which doesn’t cost much.

He will use a multimeter and check the PC board for short circuits. Once he verifies the cause, he will use a heat gun to remove the Power IC from the circuit board and solder a new one.

Fix 6: Replacing the Inverter

The inverter is an essential component of old-school LCD screens. It intercepts DC power and converts it back to AC power for the bulb to backlit the screen.

It has built-in transformers, which usually cause power failure to the screen. Here is a complete video on repairing the LG Monitor backlight inverter problem.

Fix 7: Reinstalling/Updating Drivers

Another important reason your LG monitor does not turn on or go black randomly is that there is a problem with graphic card drivers. You must ensure the drivers are fully installed, functional, and updated.

You can check your graphic card drivers by,

Manually checking Drivers
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Display Adapters
  3. Select your Graphic Card
  4. Click on drivers
  5. Check if they are working fine and up to date
Checking automatically

6. If not, you can automatically or manually update the graphic card drivers if you have pre-saved drivers on your computer.

Sometimes Windows 10 automatically loses connectivity to the display due to a bug. In such cases, press the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B on your keyboard, which will restart the video driver.

Accessories such as USB devices, speakers, and printers may also cause a black screen in Windows 10

Fix 8: Buying a new display cable or Using another display port

If your monitor shows the power button light, but the screen is black, your display panel cable or the port might be damaged.

Look for any bents, cracks, or damaged pins on the display cable. Once you are sure this is the cause, replace the display cable with a new one. If the port is damaged and your monitor offers other input ports try using them.

Fix 9: Repairing Graphic Card

Aftermarket, graphic card comes with their own built-in Video output ports. Unfortunately, like PC ports, these are also prone to damage.

Always insert video cable into the port under sight. When you blindly try to insert a video cable into the port, you might damage the cable or the port.

This will result in your monitor going black and not turning on. If you have damaged the cable, buy a new one; they aren’t expensive, but if you have damaged your graphic card ports, take it to an expert to repair or replace the damaged port on the card.

On the other hand, some computer comes with built-in graphic cards. They do not have extra ports but instead use the primary PC video output port.

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