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Jio Fiber Red Light Blinking: [Fixed]

Jio Fiber Red Light Blinking

In the present era, having access to the Internet has become crucial for staying connected and informed. Without it, you may feel quite handicapped since you cannot communicate with the outside world or keep up with what’s happening around you.

That’s why fixing your Internet quickly should be one of your top priorities.

When you see a blinking red light on your Jio Fiber, your Internet connection is inactive. This happens when the signals to your modem are lost, and there can be several reasons behind this issue.

Here are a few of them,

  1. Loose cable or connector
  2. Damaged internet cable
  3. Damaged pins
  4. Unpaid bills
  5. Scheduled maintenance or problems at the ISP site
  6. Router settings problem

Before trying any other solutions, first, try rebooting your Jio router. This can often fix the problem. Just unplug the power cord and wait for a few minutes to clear the cache memory. Then, plug it back in and let the router start up again. Check if the LOS light is still blinking red. If it stops blinking, that means the issue is resolved. But if the red light keeps blinking, you must try some Fixes.

Fix 1: Check the cable and connector

A loose internet cable or a broken connector can cause your internet signal to be disrupted. If this is the case, you need to secure the cable properly and check the interlocking mechanism of the cable.

If the connector is broken or the interlocking mechanism is not working, you will need to change the connector.

Watch the video to learn how to replace the connector:

Fix 2: Replace the damaged Internet Cable

A damaged Internet cable can cause no signal and a blinking red light on the Jio router. Therefore you should carefully inspect the internet cable and look for possible damages like cuts, sharp twists or bends or damaged cable cover.

Once you have carefully inspected the cable, you will need to cut the damaged piece of cable and reconnect both ends together.

You will need an ethernet cable joiner, ethernet connector and a crimp tool to reconnect wires. It is very simple and easy and will restore your connection.

Fix 3: Repair the Damaged Pins

The Pins on the Internet wire port can get damaged from frequent use or mishandling. This will cause your Jio router to blink red, indicating a loss of signal.

If you see any bent or broken pins on your router, you can try using tweezers to fix them. But be aware that it’s not easy and might not work well. In fact, if you’re not careful, you could end up making things worse and causing more damage.

If the bins are damaged beyond repair, I suggest buying a new router because replacing the port will cost you more money.

Fix 4: Pay the Due Bills

Different internet service providers (ISPs) handle unpaid internet bills differently. For instance, ISPs such as Jio might provide a few months grace period before disconnecting your internet due to non-payment.

If you are late on your bills, it is possible that Jio has suspended your internet service. Therefore to restore your internet connection, contact Jio and ask for any due bills.

If this is the case, simply paying the due bill and informing them will restore your internet connection.

If you have a problem remembering bills, you should set reminders on your mobile phone.

Fix 5: Stay Updated for Scheduled Jio Maintenance Services

Jio, like other internet service providers, continuously organizes maintenance services to keep the internet smooth and flawless. They usually inform their customers in advance and carry it out during non-peak hours.

Therefore your red blinking red light on the Jio router might be due to planned maintenance activity. Simply contacting them reassures you that your internet will be up and running soon.

If you are aware of scheduled maintenance activity and need an internet connection during that period, I advise you to make alternative plans. You can consider options such as utilizing cellular data or connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

However, unforeseen circumstances like heavy rains, snowstorms, or floods can sometimes lead to unexpected internet disruptions. All you need to do is to be patient.

Fix 7: Router Settings

When the settings of your Jio router are not correctly configured, it can cause the red light to blink.

Each router has its own unique instructions that can be found in the manual. However, you can refer to a video tutorial on setting up a Jio router to assist you in the process.

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