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Increase Macbook Battery Life [100% Working TRICK]

Increase Macbook Battery Life


So you are also too much skeptical about saving your MacBook battery life. You want to:

  1. Avoid battery cycles going UP!
  2. Keep battery health as high as possible!

You are at the right place.

I have developed a fantastic trick to keep cycles at a minimum, battery capacity at the highest, and still use your laptop daily, all the TIME!

This TRICK is 100% Working and will pose NO DANGER to your MacBook battery.

This trick will work for the latest models of MacBooks which support charging via a USB C:

  1. MacBook Air M1
  2. MacBook Air M2
  3. MacBook Pro M1
  4. MacBook Pro M2
  5. MacBook Pro 14″
  6. MacBook Pro 16″
  7. Older Models starting from 2016 (Devices that support USB-C charging).

Before I share the details of the trick, let me explain a few basics.

Li-Ion Battery Storage Mode:

The primary foundation of this trick is putting your MacBook battery in storage mode.

When we usually use our MacBook, we have only two options:

  1. Keep it plugged in all the time.
  2. Charge your MacBook battery to 100% or 80% (Safer), and then use it until it reaches 20-30% before recharge.

The first method is INSANELY STUPID. It will DESTROY your MacBook battery.

I used the first method with my MacBook Air M1 for around 6-7 Months. This way I controlled my battery cycles of less than 100 after a 6-7 month use, but the battery health dropped to 93%, which was a BIG bummer.

The second method is what my brother and friend used to do. They both had MacBook Air M1, brought at the same time. They had a battery cycle at 200-250 after 6-7 months of use. And battery health was around 97%.

That was super good to what I HAD.

I was so so so cautious about avoiding damaging my battery and getting as much fewer cycles as I could, and still, my MacBook battery was standing at a 93% health.

This was when I thought there must be a WAY to use to get lower cycles and good health. I searched the entire internet, and all I got were GOOD PRACTICES, but not a proper solution.

So I found a genius way all by myself due to my Electronic Engineering background and having some experience with Li-Ion batteries due to my model aircraft building hobby.

Question: What will be the total Cycles and Battery Health if you buy a MacBook sitting on a shelf for over a year?

Answer: Battery Cycles will be 1, and Battery Health will be 100%.

So, how does Apple pulls this off? 😱

The answer is simple. Getting 1 cycle on your battery makes total sense as it was sitting in the box.

Battery Health at 100% needs some explanation. And the explanation is simpler than you think. Apple ships your MacBook with its battery in STORAGE MODE.

And what is that storage mode? NOTHING. They just charge your MacBook battery to 80%, turn off your Macbook and ship it.

The HACK to Maintain Battery Life and Cycles of your MacBook:

So, now let’s come to the hack itself.

Now you know what storage mode on your MacBook is; all you need to do is find a way to charge your MacBook battery to 60-80% and stop charging it above this level.

Unfortunately, Apple does not gives you anyway to control this, and if you are using your laptop, it will charge it to 100%.

The safe battery mode only works if you have left your laptop to charge overnight, and it will stop at 80% and charge to 100% before you are up for using it again.

So, how do you pause charging your MacBook at 60-80%? Maybe turn it off and keep it somewhere hidden?


Obviously no. You want to use it all the time. 🙄

Here is the HACK! 😉

10W Charger:

If you work at a single spot all the time, then all you need is a 10W USB-A charger and USB-A to USB-C Cable. Once your battery reaches 60-80%, plug in the 10W charger, and you will get a sign of PLUGGED IN, NOT CHARGING, on your battery icon.

This means the input power is so LOW that MacBook internal Power Chip will find it too low to charge your battery and divert the power from the 10W charger to run your MacBook.

Genius? 🤓

Yes, that’s all you need to do. This way, when using your Macbook, it will withdraw all power from the 10W charger, a little bit from the battery if needed.

Increase Macbook Battery Life by using a 10 W charger
10W Charger to charge MacBook Air M1
Increase Macbook Battery Life by using a 10 W charger
The MacBook is NOT Charging. Power Source is POWER ADAPTER
Increase Macbook Battery Life by using a 10 W charger

If your MacBook is power hungry, try another charger with a little higher wattage, like 15W. So, your battery percentage does not drop.

Sacrificial 20,000 mAH Battery:

The other method is more suitable if you work at different spots and keep moving your MacBook.

In that case, get a 20,000 mAH battery (Check my recommendations at the bottom) bank. Fully charge the battery bank. Connect it with your Macbook after it has a charge of 60-80% via the USB-A port of the battery bank using a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Increase Macbook Battery Life by using a Power Bank
A 20,000 mAH power bank to charge MacBook Air M1

Don’t use a USB-C to USB-C cable. Otherwise, the battery bank will provide enough juice to charge your MacBook. We don’t want that.


So, I did use this method on my MacBook Air M1 for 5-6 months. And as a result, I only dropped 3% battery health and added 150 Cycles.

On the other hand, my brother dropped 6% battery health and added 200 cycles using the fully charged and discharged method daily.

I still dropped 3% because I discovered the sacrificial battery method a little late, and I work at two spots in my home. The 10W charge was at one spot, so I still used my MacBook on battery for a few hours daily.


Here are a few precautions and things you should take care of while using this method.

  1. Don’t charge your MacBook to 100%. If you did, let it come down to 60% before you plug in the 10W charger or Battery Bank.
  2. Keeping your MacBook battery at 100% all the time will destroy its health and capacity.
  3. Remove the 10W charger whenever you turn off or shut the MacBook lid. Else the charger will slowly keep charging your MacBook. You can keep it plugged in if this is what you want.
  4. In this method, keep the brightness level of your MacBook at 50% to avoid draining the battery.
  5. Fully charge and Discharge your battery once a month.
  6. Avoid using cheap chargers and cheap cables. You can use an Apple 12W charger and Apple Cable to ensure quality.

Recommended Gear:

Following are the recommended accessories. I will get a small percentage from Amazon if you buy from my link (Token of appreciation 😬?)

Official Apple Accessories:

  1. Apple 12W USB Power Adapter (Amazon Link)
  2. Apple Certified mophie USB-A Cable with USB-C Connector (1 m)(Amazon Link)

Battery Bank:

  1. Anker 20,000 mAh Battery Bank (Amazon Link)
  2. Mophie 20,000 mAh Battery Bank (with USB-A to USB-C Cable) (Amazon Link)
  3. INIU 20,000 mAh Battery Bank (Affordable Option) (Amazon Link)

Do let me know your experience here in the comments 🤗

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