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How to Know if Someone Phone Died on iMessage [Try THIS]

How to Know if Someone Phone Died on iMessage

Getting to know the status of someone’s phone if it is turned on or off can be a need of an hour.

I will not go into the details of why someone will want to know this and will directly tell you the possible methods to know if someone’s iPhone is dead, turned off, or inactive using iMessage and other methods.

iPhone Status Using iMessage: On or Off?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know the exact status of someone’s phone died on iMessage. You only know if a message is delivered or not.

If the recipient has turned on iMessage on other Apple devices like Mac or iPad, he will still receive the message, and you will be notified “Delivered” despite his iPhone being dead.

Similarly, if the recipient’s iPhone is not dead but is out of internet data or not connected to the internet, he will still not receive the message, and you may think the device is dead.

Alternate: Try sending a standard message via the carrier, and you may get a response. Details coming along the blog.

Other Methods to find if someone’s iPhone is dead or not:

Here are a few great ways to determine if someone’s iPhone is dead or active.

A. Whatsapp Last Online Status:

A very simple and effective way to determine if someone’s iPhone is dead or active is by analyzing their Whatsapp activity.

To check someone’s WhatsApp activity, all you need to do is:

Open your WhatsApp > Click ‘Send a new message to the person you want to check his activity > Under the name, you will see “Last Seen” or “Online.”

B. Call the Person:

When you call someone, the ringtone you hear back from them can tell you a lot about the status of the iPhone you are calling to. Here are a few different scenarios.

1. iPhone is Not Reachable

An iPhone is not reachable means that the iPhone is at a location with no network coverage. If the iPhone is in a basement with weak signals, it will still be non-reachable.

If you call someone and their iPhone is not reachable, you will hear a few rings before you are directed to a voicemail initiation with a phone not reachable voice-over.

Few networks will even inform you whenever the iPhone is connected back to a network by sending a text message on your phone.

2. iPhone is Turned Off

If an iPhone is turned off, a few network companies will inform the caller that either the iPhone is intentionally turned off or died.

It’s different from reachability because the iPhone will send signals to the network after switching off.

3. No one is Answering or Picking up the Call on iPhone

Another typical scenario can be someone not able to pick up your call. After all, we all are humans, and someone can be in a situation where they can’t pick up the call.

Maybe they left their phone at home, or it’s on silent, or they are genuinely busy.

Maybe you are being ignored 🙂

4. iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode is “Turned On”

The iPhone is in Do Not Disturb Mode, which is the biggest reason you cannot reach someone’s iPhone.

When you call someone on an iPhone on Do Not Disturb Mode, you will hear a few bells followed by voicemail or user not reachable notification.

To bypass the Do Not Disturb mode, you should call at least three times in less than 2 minutes before the user’s phone rings to inform the recipient about an incoming call.

5. You are blocked by the receiver

Last on the list is you being blocked by the caller. If someone has blocked you, your messages won’t be received, and you won’t be able to make a call.

You may hear a few bells before it is directed to voicemail or the user is not a reachable warning. To confirm if you are blocked or not, try calling from a different number.

C. Send a Message via Carrier

Another great way to reach someone is by sending a message via the carrier service.

Sending a standard message via a carrier will be helpful if the person you are trying to reach is out of internet data. A carrier message does not need regular internet to reach an iPhone and can save you a day.

To send a standard message, you must type the message you want to send and then click “Send.” Once the blue bubble appears around the sent message, long-press it till additional options appear.

Then click send as a “Text Message” to resend it via carrier service. Additional carrier costs may be applicable.

D. Check Social Media Activity

Another excellent method to find out if someone is ignoring you or his iPhone is dead; you can monitor their social media activity.

It will be a little creepy, but sometimes it’s right to be sure rather than having mixed thoughts.

Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media accounts used by the person you are trying to reach out to.

If there is a recent activity, you will most probably be ignored.

You can also try reaching out via these social media networks.

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