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GE Chest Freezer Green light Flickering (Easy Fix)

GE Chest Freezer Green light Flickering

A flashing green light on a GE freezer typically indicates an issue with the compressor’s ability to sustain the desired internal temperature.

Several factors may contribute to this occurrence, and while some may be resolved through DIY methods, others may require a professional’s assistance or a workshop visit.

Here are the main reasons why your GE Chest Freezer’s green light may be flashing:

  1. A broken/non-functional door seal
  2. Overloaded Freezer
  3. Faulty Power Supply
  4. Low or unstable Voltage
  5. Compressor Relay/Chip Failure

Before we discuss the fixes, the first step is to try a hard reset. It might solve the green light flickering problem. All you need to do is disconnect the power to the freezer for a few minutes and turn it on.

Now let’s dive into the solutions and quick, easy fixes!

Fix 1: Replacing Gasket/Door Seal

It is worth noting that your GE Chest freezer’s door seals or gaskets are composed of pliable plastic sheets that are important in maintaining an airtight environment.

Their primary role is to prevent the ingress of air and uphold the desired internal temperature. If these seals are compromised, the green light on your freezer may flicker, signaling that the door is not fully closed.

To maintain the durability of your door seals, it is recommended to refrain from swiftly reopening the freezer door immediately after closing it. Please wait a few minutes before attempting to reopen it.

To determine if your door seals are functioning optimally, gently close the freezer door and attempt to reopen it. The seals are in good condition if you encounter resistance when reopening the door. However, if the door effortlessly opens with a light finger pull or remains open, it indicates that the seals may be damaged.

To replace a damaged door gasket, refer to this instructional video.

Fix 2: Unloading the chest Freezer

If your GE Chest freezer’s green light starts blinking, it means that it’s not keeping things cool enough. One reason for this might be if you put too much stuff in there all at once.

When you overload the freezer, it has a hard time cooling everything down, and the compressor might turn off automatically to avoid getting too hot and breaking down.

To fix this, try not to put too many things in your GE Chest freezer all at once. Instead, split your stuff into two batches and wait around eight hours between them. This will help your freezer out, as it won’t have to work so hard to cool everything down.

Make sure that you don’t cover up the vents or fans in your GE Chest freezer. If you do, the green light might start flashing, which means that something’s not right. So, keep these parts clear to keep everything cool and avoid damage.

Fix 3: Replacing the Faulty Power Supply

If the green light on your GE Chest freezer keeps flickering, it could be because of power problems. You should check that the power supply line is plugged in tightly and that the outlet and power supply are working correctly.

Sometimes, a worn-out power cable or outlet is the only reason for the flickering green light. If the outlet is loose, your freezer might turn off and on a lot because it keeps connecting and disconnecting from the power source.

This can make the freezer think there’s something wrong and shut off the compressor for a while.

But don’t worry; you can fix this problem by simply replacing the power cable or outlet.

Fix 4: Regulating Voltage

If you live in a place with unreliable electricity or frequently face heavy power loads, your GE Chest freezer might shut down due to unstable voltage.

The compressor is designed to run on a specific voltage, and any fluctuation beyond that can cause it to turn off.

To determine if voltage instability is the problem, you can use a multimeter to check the power source’s voltage. You plug the multimeter into the power source and select the voltage to get a reading.

To stabilize the voltage and prevent further damage to your freezer, you can contact your electricity provider or purchase a compatible voltage regulator for your refrigerator’s power rating (Watts).

After acquiring the voltage regulator, plug it into an outlet and then connect your freezer to the voltage regulator. This will help stabilize the voltage and keep your freezer running smoothly.

Fix 5: Replacing Compressor Relay

The compressor start relay is a crucial part of a compressor that works with a single-phase asynchronous motor. It acts as a switch that controls the circuit by activating and deactivating the attracting coil.

If the compressor start relay is not working correctly, the compressor may not turn on properly, causing the green light to flicker. A burning smell may also be a sign of a faulty compressor start relay.

Luckily, replacing the relay is not too complicated. You can follow this video guide to help you through the replacement process.

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