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Electrolux Dryer Screen Flickers/Flashes (Easy Fix)

Electrolux Dryer Screen Flickers

Electrolux is a long-standing Swedish corporation with a rich history of over a century in producing household appliances. The company caters to markets worldwide by offering a wide range of kitchen and laundry room equipment, such as washing machines, ovens, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, and microwaves.

Notably, Electrolux has established a reputable presence in the market, particularly with its exceptional line of dryers.

Like all electronic devices, Electrolux appliances can experience problems with their electronics. One specific issue that may occur with Electrolux tumble dryers is when the Start-Pause LED flashes.

It is suggested that if the screen on an Electrolux dryer begins to flicker, the machine be unplugged from the mains supply for five minutes before being reconnected. This may help reset the appliance.

The Start/Pause LED on Electrolux tumble dryers may flash or flicker for various reasons.

  • It may flash when a drying cycle is completed, which is normal.
  • Your tumble dryer may have a delayed start option enabled
  • The child lock may be turned on
  • The door may not be properly close
  • A blown-out fuse
  • A loose Elastomeric connector (PCB plastic strip)
  • A damaged Display or loose connection to the board
  • Short-circuiting due to water or humidity
  • A loose power supply cable

Repairing a flickering screen on your Electrolux Dryer can be challenging without the proper expertise and tools. It can also be hazardous. Consider taking it to a professional repair person, especially if it’s still under warranty

Don’t let a flickering display ruin your drying experience – let’s get to the bottom of the problem and fix it!

Fix 1: Disabling Delayed Start Option

Disabling the delayed start option is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the dryer.

2. Click the options button on the right until you reach the delay time option.

3. Press the select/deselect button, and your dryer will start working instantly.

Fix 2: Disable child lock

If child lock is enabled, your machine will emit three beeps, and the start/pause button will flash red. To disable it;

  1. Hold down the “Options” and “Select” buttons together for about 10 seconds until the “LOC” icon disappears from the display.
  2. Alternatively, press and hold the “Start/Pause” button for 5 seconds to turn off the child lock feature.

Fix 3: Properly Shut the Door

The display will flash or flicker if the door is not properly closed. The door is not closed properly because of the following reasons;

  1. Check the dryer door to make sure no clothes or other items are blocking it from closing properly.
  2. Inspect the door lock to ensure it is functioning correctly and not damaged.
  3. Check the hinges to make sure they are not damaged or worn out.
  4. If you find any issues with the door, address them promptly to ensure the proper operation of the dryer.

Fix 4: Replacing the Blown out Thermal Fuse

A blown-out thermal fuse might be the reason for your Electrolux dryer screen to flicker. Here is a detailed video on how to replace it:

Fix 5: Securing a Loose Display Connector

Display connectors in Electrolux dryers may be simple wires or old-fashioned Elastomeric connectors, composed of conductive and insulating sections that link delicate LCDs to circuit boards in electronic devices.

If your Electrolux dryer’s display is flickering, it could be due to a loose display connector. To resolve this issue, unplug the dryer from the power source, open the dryer panel, locate the PCB panel, and reinstall the connector correctly.

In some cases, cleaning the connector ends with alcohol can help eliminate any dirt that’s causing a loose or poor connection.

Fix 6: Replacing the Damaged Display Panel

Sometimes, if the screen on your Electrolux dryers is flickering, it might be because it is broken and needs replacing. Unfortunately, you can’t fix a broken screen – you need to get a new one.

The solution is finding a replacement screen, which you can buy at an electronics store or from Electrolux dryers online. Once you have the new screen, you can replace the broken one, and your dryer will return to normal without flickering.

Fix 7: Drying a wet PCB

It is crucial to bear in mind that Electrolux dryers are not waterproof. Therefore, if you happen to spill water, coffee, or any other beverage onto your Microwave, it could potentially harm the circuit board or electronics housed within. The same holds true for liquid cleaners.

Should such an incident occur, the initial step is to unplug the dryer and swiftly wipe away the liquid using a cloth. Allow several hours for the area to dry naturally, or expedite the process by using a hair dryer if a substantial amount of fluid is spilled.

Fix 8: Securing Power Supply

A flickering display in your Electrolux dryer may be attributed to a loose or damaged power cable or switchboard.

To resolve this issue, ensure the power cable is securely fastened and in good condition. Verify that the switchboard is appropriately installed and the plug is firmly in place.

A loose plug may cause the dryer to turn on and off intermittently, leading to a display flicker. This can be resolved by replacing the switchboard or power plug or by utilizing an extension cord to establish a secure connection.

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