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Does Samsung Monitor Have Speakers? [Complete LIST]

Does Samsung Monitor Have Speakers

Samsung is selling more than 100 versions and models of its monitors as per the listing on its website.

These do not include older versions still floating in the market in the form of reselling on eBay or un-sold inventory.

For the sake of simplicity. I am going to list down models which are available on Samsung’s official website. Each model comes under a specific series, so I will further segregate it.

Does Samsung Monitor Have Speakers?

Most Samsung monitors do not have speakers except for these five models 49″ S95UA, 34″ CJ791, 24” Webcam S4, 27″ T45F Flat, 24″ T45F Flat, and all Samsung SMART Monitors.

Following is the complete list of Samsung monitors with their model number and built-in speakers.

Type: Samsung Gaming Monitors

All Samsung gaming monitors do not have built-in speakers.

Samsung has chosen not to include a built-in speaker because most gamers prefer using on-ear headphones for high fidelity and 3D sound experience.

Series/Model NumberSpeakers
24″ CRG5 Gaming MonitorNo
24” Odyssey G32A FHD 1ms 165Hz Gaming MonitorNo
25″ Odyssey G40B FHD IPS 240Hz
1ms G-Sync Gaming Monitor
27″ CFG73 Gaming Monitor with Quantum DotNo
27″ CHG70 Gaming Monitor with Quantum DotNo
27″ CRG5 Gaming MonitorNo
27″ Odyssey G30A Gaming MonitorNo
27″ Odyssey G50A QHD Gaming MonitorNo
27″ Odyssey G52A QHD Gaming MonitorNo
28″ Odyssey G70A 4K UHD LED Gaming MonitorNo
32″ G5 Odyssey Gaming Monitor
With 1000R Curved Screen
32″ Odyssey G32A FHD 165Hz 1ms AMD
FreeSync Premium Gaming Monitor
32″ Odyssey G50A QHD Gaming MonitorNo
32″ Odyssey G55A WQHD Curved Gaming MonitorNo
32″ Odyssey G7 Gaming MonitorNo
32″ Odyssey Neo G7 4K UHD 165Hz
1ms Curved Gaming Monitor
32″ Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD 240Hz
1ms Curved Gaming Monitor
49″ CHG90 QLED Gaming MonitorNo
49″ CRG9 Dual QHD Curved QLED Gaming MonitorNo
49″ Odyssey G9 Gaming MonitorNo
49″ Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming DQHD
Quantum Mini-LED Monitor

Type: Samsung Smart-Monitors

All Samsung Smart monitors come with high-quality built-in speakers. Since these Samsung monitors can act as Smart TVs, having built-in speakers make a lot of sense.

Series/Model NumberSpeakers
27″ M5 FHD Smart Monitor and StreamingYes
27″ M5 FHD Smart MonitorYes
32″ M70B UHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TVYes
32″ M8 UHD/4K Smart MonitorYes
32” M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TVYes
43″ M70B UHD Smart Monitor & Streaming TVYes
M50B FHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TVYes
M50B FHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TVYes
M50B FHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TVYes
M50B FHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TVYes

Type: Samsung Flat Monitors

Most Samsung Flat Monitors do not have a built-in speaker system except for two models, i.e., 24″ T45F Series and 24” Webcam Monitor S4.

Series/Model NumberSpeakers
24″ T45F SeriesYes
24” Webcam Monitor S4Yes
22″ FT45 SeriesNo
24″ S33A SeriesNo
24″ S40UA SeriesNo
24″ SR24R Flat MonitorNo
24″ SR35 Series LED MonitorNo
24″ T45F Flat MonitorNo
24” LED Monitor with Borderless DesignNo
27″ S40UA SeriesNo
27″ T45F Flat MonitorNo
32″ S30B SeriesNo
32″ S30B Series with DP CableNo
FT400 Series 23.5″No
FT45 Series 22″No
FT45 Series 24″No
FT45 Series 27″No
SE450 Series 21.5″No
SE650 Series 23.6″No
SE650 Series 24″No
SH650 Series 27″No
SR356 Series 27″No
SR650 Series 23.8″No
SR650 Series 27″No
T37F Series 22″No
T37F Series 24″No
T37F Series 27″No

Type: Samsung UHD-And-WQHD Monitors

Most Samsung UHD-And-WQHD Monitors do not have a built-in speaker system except for 49″ S95UA Series.

Series/Model NumberSpeakers
49″ S95UA SeriesYes
27″ JG56 WQHD Gaming MonitorNo
27″ S61B ViewFinity QHD IPS MonitorNo
27″ S80UA UHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
27” S60A QHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
27” S80UA UHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
28″ UE570 UHD MonitorNo
28″ UR50 UHD MonitorNo
32″ S80A UHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
32″ TU874 SeriesNo
32″ UJ590 UHD MonitorNo
32” S60UA QHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
32” S70A UHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
34″ S65UA Ultra WQHD High-Resolution MonitorNo
34″ SJ55W Ultra WQHD MonitorNo
S60A QHD High-Resolution MonitoNo
S70A Series 27″No
S70A Series 32″No
TU872 Series 32″No

Type: Samsung Curved Monitors

Most Samsung Curved Monitors do not have a built-in speaker system except for two models, i.e., 34″ CJ791 and 27” T55 Monitor.

Series/Model NumberSpeakers
27” T55 Curved MonitorYes
34″ CJ791 Ultra Wide Screen Curved MonitorYes
24″ CF396 Curved LED MonitorNo
27″ CF398 Curved LED MonitorNo
27″ CR500 Curved MonitorNo
32″ UR59C Curved 4K UHD MonitorNo
390 Series 27″ Curved (TAA-Compliant)No
890 Series 34″ CurvedNo
CJ890 Series 49″ CurvedNo
S65UA Series 34″ CurvedNo


The Samsung monitors, which include a built-in speaker, are stereo speakers and will transmit sound via HBMI cable.

In case you can’t hear the sound coming, you may need to feed the sound via a 3mm input cable from your PC before you can hear it out.

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