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Dell Monitor stuck in Power save Mode [Solved 2023]

Dell Monitor stuck in Power save Mode

Power save mode is a built-in feature that comes with almost every monitor. It helps reduce power consumption by reducing brightness levels, hampering other utilities that consume power, and slowing or halting unnecessary actions.

The power save mode is also helpful when your monitor is on and is not being used for hours; it saves energy and helps prolong the life of LEDs or liquid crystals This rescue feature sometimes comes in handy when there are power cuts or energy load shedding, mostly in developing countries.

However, It is not uncommon to encounter a situation when your Dell Monitor is stuck in power save mode, and you cannot revert it to its normal state. It has many causes, as mentioned below,

  1. loose Power Supply: If the power leads are not properly inserted into the port with a loose connection, it may trigger voltage fluctuations. This triggers the Dell monitor to get stuck into power save mode.
  2. Windows Power setting: Windows has a power setting option in the control panel where you can regulate your monitor to go into power-saving mode after some time. This might be the reason and can be easily fixed.
  3. Faulty Graphic Drivers: If you have failed to install up-to-date graphic drivers, this might pull your Dell monitor into a perpetual cycle of power-saving mode, where you are stuck forever.
  4. Faulty Motherboard Battery: Motherboards have a small battery inside it, which has a few purposes of serving, such as keeping watch on time when your computer is off. The faulty motherboard battery might trigger your monitor to get stuck into power save mode.

Dell Monitor Stuck in Power Save mode; a concise and easy fix Methods

Method 1: Checking Cables

Check all your monitor cables, including power, video, or any other accessory cable. Do not forget to check the PC or switchboard sides of the cable. If they a loosely fitted, make sure to tighten them. If the cables are worn, try replacing them with a new one.

Restart the monitor once you have fixed issues with the cables, and keep on pressing the power button for 8 seconds. This might solve your problem.

Method 2: Disable USB Selective Suspend option

The USB selective suspend option helps reduce power consumption by selectively suspending or halting power to USB ports. This new feature introduced in Windows 10 helps conserve power, especially in potable laptops.

However, this feature might wrongly enter your monitor into power save mode. Turning on this feature might bring your monitor back to normal mode.

Here is how you can turn off the USB selective suspend option,

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Select a category and click small icons.
  3. Select Power Options and then proceed to change settings
  4. Look for Change advanced power settings, click it and then click USB Settings.
  5. It will open a window with USB Selective Settings. Look for Disable option and click it.
  6. Your computer might restart automatically within 30 seconds or manually restart it.

Once the monitor turns on, press the power button for 8 seconds and then release it.

If the USB selective suspend mode is the problem, your monitor will escape power save mode.

Method 3: Disable Power Saving Settings

Turning on the Power saving mode can lead your Dell monitor to power saving mode. To disable, this follow these steps,

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select a category and click small icons.
  3. Select Power Options and Click Change plan settings.
  4. Next, click Edit plan settings.
  5. Change the Turn off the display option to Never or to the timer you like.
  6. Similarly, select Put the computer to sleep and change it to never.
  7. Don’t forget to Save Changes.
  8. You need to Restart your computer to know if the power save mode is solved.

Method 3: Change the Motherboard Battery (CSOM)

A faulty Motherboard battery or CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip battery might trigger your monitor into power save mode.

This is very easy to replace the battery once you know the computer’s motherboard and battery information.

  1. Unplug the PC and remove the PC cover. Remove impeding wires and carefully remind them where to insert them when reassembling.
  2. Look for the motherboard and a shiny battery lying near RAM slots.
  3. A metal finger holds the battery; carefully remove it and take the battery to a computer shop
  4. Ask for a new battery with specifications and insert the battery back into the slot.
  5. Plug the wires carefully, fix the cover and restart the computer
  6. reset all CMOS values to default, and check if the power save mode problem is solved


These methods will hopefully restore your Dell Monitor to normal mode. However, if none of the above methods works for you, the monitor’s board might be a problem. Take your monitor to a tech store or an official DELL store if you have a warranty. I hope they will sort it out!


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