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A Guide to Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number

Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number

Kenmore is a reputable electronics brand renowned for its exceptional, durable, and efficient refrigerators. I have consistently relied on Kenmore for my various household appliances, and it has consistently met or exceeded my expectations.

Kenmore offers various refrigerator models, But among the models that have gained widespread popularity in the market are Kenmore 253 (18 cubic feet), Kenmore 106 (20.6 cubic feet), Kenmore 363 (21 cubic feet), and Kenmore 795 (22.1 cubic feet).

Nonetheless, when considering the purchase of a refrigerator, it is crucial to understand the size that best suits your needs clearly. Each size category comes with its distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t do this right, you might end up with a fridge that doesn’t match your needs.

I’ve written this article to assist you in determining the capacity of your Kenmore refrigerator using the model number. If you’re unable to find the information through the model number, I’ll also guide you on how to measure it manually.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number

Here is a quick summary of the ten most popular Kenmore refrigerators and their size in cubic feet.

1.Kenmore 25318 cubic feet
2.Kenmore 51819.5 cubic feet
3.Kenmore 10620.6 cubic feet
4.Kenmore 36321 cubic feet
5.Kenmore 79522.1 cubic feet
6.Kenmore 72423.7 cubic feet
7.Kenmore 59625 cubic feet
8.Kenmore Elite25 cubic feet
9.Kenmore 91227.2 cubic feet
10.Kenmore Pro29.1 cubic feet

Methods to Find the Kenmore Refrigerator Size

Kenmore refrigerator sizes are typically straightforward to locate. In most cases, you can easily find this information in the user’s manual or by examining a sticker attached.

However, if you’re unable to access these sources, here are some alternative methods to determine your Kenmore refrigerator’s size

  1. Model Number
  2. By the type of Fridge
  3. By Year of manufacturing (Serial Number)
  4. By Manual Method

Finding Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number

The model number is not difficult to locate. Here are common places to look for refrigerator model numbers,

  • From the Label Inside the fridge
  • Warranty card
  • Sale Receipt 
  • User manual
  • Packing box

Once you have located the model number, here are a few methods to know the size of your refrigerator,

1. Online Search Using Model Number

This is the easiest and most effective method to find the size using model numbers. You must type the model number into a search engine or go to Kenmore’s official website.

Most of the time, you can find all the info you need, including how big your fridge is, just by searching for that model number online

2. Using the Suffix

The refrigerator’s size is sometimes hidden in the model number’s extra numbers or letters. It’s like a secret code.

For example, in ‘Kenmore 60819 18,’ that ’18’ at the end tells you the size of the fridge, which is 18 cubic feet. So, look at the last part of the model number to find out how big your fridge is

3. Contacting Kenmore Support for Size Confirmation

If you can’t find the size information online or by understanding the model number, you can reach out to Kenmore’s customer support or contact the manufacturer directly.

Share your model number with them, and they will assist you in determining the size.

4. Understanding Standard Sizes of Common Kenmore Models

Kenmore manufactures its top-selling refrigerator models in a variety of specific sizes. To ascertain the size of your refrigerator, you need to identify your specific model.

This table comprehensively overviews each Kenmore refrigerator model’s capacity, storage space breakdown, temperature range, and notable features.

Finding Kenmore Refrigerator Size by the type of Fridge

Kenmore is a prominent manufacturer renowned for its diverse range of refrigerators, each tailored to specific preferences and accompanied by unique advantages.

Below, you’ll find a concise overview of average refrigerator capacities by its type.

  1. Mini/Compact Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 1.7 – 4.5 cubic feet
    • It is suitable for dorm rooms, small apartments, or a secondary fridge. While it offers limited storage space, it is energy-efficient and designed to be compact.
  2. Freezerless Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 17 – 21 cubic feet
    • Provides ample refrigeration space without a dedicated freezer section. A suitable choice for individuals who prefer separate freezer units.
  3. Top-Mount Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 16 – 24 cubic feet
    • Features a top-mounted freezer and fresh food compartments below. This design offers versatile storage options and is commonly chosen for households.
  4. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 22.1 – 24.1 cubic feet
    • Utilizes an inverted design with the freezer located at the bottom. This configuration provides easy access to fresh food items and often includes convenient features like pull-out drawers.
  5. Side-by-Side Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 20.6 – 28 cubic feet
    • Divide the fridge and freezer compartments vertically. This layout offers balanced storage, spacious shelves, and convenient access to both sections.
  6. French Door Refrigerator
    • Capacity: 19 – 30.5 cubic feet
    • Incorporates two doors for the fresh food compartment and a bottom freezer drawer. They are known for their generous storage space, adjustable shelves, and advanced features.

Finding Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Manual Method

In addition to finding your fridge size using the model number, you can manually calculate the refrigerator’s capacity/size without it.

This is a simple calculator that will help you to find refrigerator sizes in real time. All you need is to put the information.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size Calculator

Enter the dimensions in inches:

Kenmore refrigerator size (cubic feet):

Alternatively, use this formula to find your Kenmore refrigerator size in cubic feet manually,

Size (cubic feet) = (Length x Height x Depth in inches) / 1728

You can refer to these average dimensions as a guide:

  • Bottom-Mount Refrigerator: 29 x 65 – 67 x 31 inches
  • Top-Mount Refrigerator: 29 x 65 – 67 x 31 inches
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator: 35 x 67 – 71 x 30 inches
  • French Door Refrigerator: 35 x 68 x 29 inches

Usually, you can locate this information in the refrigerator’s box or manual. However, if you need to measure it, use a tape measure to record the dimensions in inches and apply the formula for cubic feet.

Finding Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Year of Manufacturing (Serial Number)

Although it might not be as accurate, you can still figure out your refrigerator’s manufacturing year by looking at its serial number. If the serial number starts with ‘1,’ it’s likely from around 2011. If it starts with ‘2’ or ‘3,’ it’s probably from 2012 or 2013, respectively.

You can also check the last four digits of the serial number. For example, if it’s 789.4567XYZ, it was made in the year XYZ.

If decoding the year seems complicated, it’s best to contact the manufacturer for accurate information about your refrigerator’s manufacturing year.

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